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Volunteer Opportunities Spring 2021

At least once a month the pruning club meets for a volunteer opportunity. At these meetings you will get the chance to work on material in the landscape and receive pointers and tips on pruning techniques from experienced pruners.

Everyone Welcome -- All Skill Levels -- Bring Your Tools.

If you have not attended one of our volunteer meetings before, please be sure to contact the appropriate contact person for the event you plan on attending.

NOTE: All events are subject to change due to conditions having to do with the Coronavirus pandemic. Call the listed contact person prior to the event to find out what is going on with that particular event.

Please note that all activities will be subject to all the precautions required, such as masks and social distancing.

02/06/21 - 10:00am
Berkeley Youth Orchard & Community Farm
Contact: Kim Allen: 510-684-0002
02/13/21 - 10:00am
Northern California Golden State Bonsai Collection Garden
Contact: Bill Castellon: 510-910-5935

03/06/21 - 10:00am
Safely Climbing Ladders & Trees Workshop - Lakeside Park, Oakland
Contact: Peter Bowyer: 510-658-4941

04/17/21 - 10:00am
Buddhist Temple of Alameda -- Pines
Contact: Joe Erhmann: 415-269-4929

04/17/21 - 10:00am
Buena Vista United Methodist Church - Alameda
Contact: Dina Blackwell: 510-469-6958

05/08/21 - 10:00am
Lakeside Japanese Garden
Contact: Dick Austin: 510-418-0968
05/11/21 - 6:30pm
Pruning Club Planning Meeting/Potluck Dinner
Virtual meeting on Zoom, unless in-person meeting is possible
05/15/21 - 10:00am
Shinzen Japanese Garden - Fresno
Contact: Steve Da Silva: 559-834-5464
05/22/21 - 10:00am
Berkeley Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple Garden
Contact: Dina Blackwell: 510-469-6958
06/05/21 - 10:00am
Lakeside Park Torii Landscape
Contact: Peter Bowyer: 510-658-4941
06/12/21 - 6:30pm
Merritt College Horticulture Department -- Pines
Contact: Grant Foerster: 510-334-1842

Monthly Events
Every First Friday - 08:00am - 2 hours
Lake Merritt Japanese Garden -- First Friday Maintenance
Contact: Dick Austin: 510-418-0968

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